I am a 1-Click Apply Addict

I guess I needed some kind of distraction from the “dip” in the stock market this past week, but I’ve been, um, 1-click applying as I scroll through my email. It’s too easy! And harmless. I mean out of all the jobs I applied for in the last six months of 2021, 22 actual cover-letter-writing,Continue reading “I am a 1-Click Apply Addict”

Intuition v Whims

In light of me losing 20% of my cash investment in stocks as a newbie investor, I’d like to mention that there is a difference between intuition and whim. Intuition told me to not put my money in hippie-planet-love stuff like Oatly and Allbirds. Whim told me to be cool and buy stock in aContinue reading “Intuition v Whims”

Someone Said to Watch the Candlesticks?

My burning question is this: How do I know when to sell and when to buy? I’m glad I started my newbie investor journey with small amounts of money, because my white-collar bets NOW feel more like purchases my kids made in-app on Club Penguin. Why? Because NOW I have less money than I startedContinue reading “Someone Said to Watch the Candlesticks?”

My Stocks are Dipping Just Like My Job Search

I may have skipped a post, but I have been writing A LOT. This process of becoming myself again goes beyond being a newbie investor and learning about stocks. This newbie investor also needs to increase personal income, so more investing, and other life renewing activities, can happen! INTERVIEWS. Last week I had two in-personContinue reading “My Stocks are Dipping Just Like My Job Search”


I went deep on my second #pitmad experience, and it was exhausting, quite frankly. If you don’t know what #pitmad is, it’s ok. It’s niche to the publishing world. #pitmad is a pitch event…to pitch one’s book…to an agent…to get published. IMHO, and, of course, others do have different opinions, getting one’s book published byContinue reading “#pitmad”

Happy Tuesday

This is my first post on this website. I’ve also posted on ChefYourParty.com. Now that the internet and I have become reacquainted, and I’ve shrugged the dust off our old friendship, I’m inspired to slam the door on The-Year-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named (TYWMNBN). The WordPress template that was here before I came along suggested this, TBH, and IContinue reading “Happy Tuesday”