Happy Tuesday

This is my first post on this website. I’ve also posted on ChefYourParty.com.

Now that the internet and I have become reacquainted, and I’ve shrugged the dust off our old friendship, I’m inspired to slam the door on The-Year-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named (TYWMNBN). The WordPress template that was here before I came along suggested this, TBH, and I happen to agree.

So far, this new year has been good and interesting. Except for my neighborhood, which I walk every day.

Let’s not be boring and talk about…TYWMNBN, that’s what made watching Superbowl ads so tedious, not heartstring-tugging. We all know what TYWMNBN was like, we were all there! Let’s keep moving.

For me, the new year pretty much got some traction just this week. I finished the 837th draft of my 215,000 word novel (Kidding, 106K. Too long? Not sure. Too long.). I’ve queried just like two literary agents, with quivering hands, since I was afraid to, HAHA! I’m taking my very first commercial audition class, this week, but my experienced 16 y.o. actor does not have time to listen about how novel this is for me. She’s like, whatever. I’m with a commercial and print agency, for the first time in 25 years, which is why I’m taking the class (Full disclosure – I’m not an actor, but I’m pretending to be one.). And now I have time to make something new happen because…and this is key…all my kids can now drive.

My kids can all driiiiiiive!!!! Themselves!! Right now, my youngest is taking herself to dance team practice! Social distancing, with masks, outside, of course. If you’ve ever had to dislodge the roots holding your bootie to the driver’s seat, you understand how great this is.

I will perhaps keep this corner of the universe up to date on my querying process. I will refrain from writing about my kids’ accomplishments, but they can all tie their shoes, know their way around TikTok and Instagram filters, and they all drive. Also, if anything super interesting happens in the process of getting commercial or print jobs, I’ll share that, too, since that’s all new to me.

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