More from the Beginner White-Collar Gambler

I’m a failed investor!

Over the past month, I watched my little investment experiment go – oh wait, I forgot to mention that I went back into my Robinhood account and bought some Doge Coin right after my last post. Why did I pick that? I’d read several articles about wind energy being used to mine it, and I was like wow, that’s cool, without much further research or thought about how little of it’s being mined responsibly. I jumped in to use up the rest of my $100. I purchased 40.2 shares @20.6 cents.

Ya, so I watched my little experiment gain about $5 and then swing the other way so I was down about $3 for most of the month.

I decided to hang on because of the supply chain issues, and China trying to murder crypto, maybe so they can start their own, and…basically reading the up and down news. I’m too busy hanging on to daily life to do adequate research! Practically speaking, Nintendo just HAS to come back (and maybe BTS partnering on something for the Switch will help)! (I’m down like $2.50-ish.) The Oatly, I just don’t know; it seemed like a good idea at the time, but that, too, is hanging around $2.60 loss for me. (I’m reassessing that one.)

Then today. Today! I was just looking at proof of how much fun my youngest daughter’s Senior night at the high school football game was…the happy pics, the performance videos, the Instagram stories. She’s captain on the dance team, and it was her (and everyone’s) last home game of the year, and I had yet to make a post. Suddenly, I was thrust down a rabbit hole called “Anna Macko’s 2% Theory.” It’s kind of fuzzy to me, but basically, it’s her plan for teaching crypto investing with her classes, which come with perks like signals on what’s hot, how to read the market for better decisions, and what the hell to do. Really, I don’t know. I do know that I cannot afford her classes. I’ve wrapped my head around the 2% theory, but I mean, if I’m investing $100, how can I pay $1500 for a class? (Or more.)

I learned that I am in a constant state of missing out, and I, and most others, will NEVER NOT be missing out, so I have to do the best I can.

That meant buy Ethereum. I could just as easily tell you all that I had a dream, or God told me to, or I spun my phone and pointed to it. I decided to go completely nuts, take the other $100 from my savings, and place MY BET, my white-collar bet, on Ethereum. All the chips. And I was like, wow, I’m really into this Crypto stuff.

In the next ten minutes, mind you, it’s a Sunday, I lost $1. Oops, but no big deal. Then it was $2.17, then $3.54! In less than two hours, I’d lost 3.55%. I frantically scoured the news, like, what happened?

Who loses 3.55% in the first two hours of investing? I guess if I go back to calling it a bet, quite a few people do! Haha.

Oh my God, I’m up 22 cents on that now. Wow, what a ride. A little humor, there. I have some questions on that 2% stuff, but for now, I guess I’ll go back to making that Instagram post for my senior.

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